Wolverine Tutors 2016

Who are we?

We are the Wolverine Tutors.

We are an undergraduate ignited organization at the University of Michigan that aims to utilize technology to tutor and mentor middle & high school students.

We strive to motivate our students to pursue post-secondary education and relieve educational disparities through technology and personal mentoring.

We want to…


We want to develop a personal and positive relationship with high school students seeking academic improvement, encouraging them to pursue further education and gain self-confidence in the classroom.


We want to demonstrate the importance of technology in an evolving learning process and use it to make education more accessible to students.


We want to see academic improvements in our students in the subjects of Math, Science, English and Writing. We also want to see higher college matriculation rates.

Meet the Tutors

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Rebecca Farag
  • Freshman

I am a freshman at UMich, majoring in Cellular/Molecular Biology and Spanish. I love to tutor and am ready to help whenever!

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Joseph Kako
  • Freshman

I am a Senior majoring in molecular biology at the University of Michigan. I enjoy playing basketball, hanging out with friend, and playing computer games. I graduated from Powers Catholic High School, and I enjoyed studying Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Maxwell Tran
  • Senior
Maxwell Tran (m, s, w)

Hi my name is Maxwell Tran, and I am currently a senior at U of M. I am originally from Houston, TX, but decided to come to U of M for the great combination of strong academics, sports, and school spirit. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Anthropology, and I am also the Mentoring Chair for Wolverine Tutors this year. I'm aiming to go to medical school after I graduate, and I like to play basketball, listen to music, and hangout with friends in my free time. I will try my best to help out with whatever you guys may need throughout the year, both in classes or just general college stuff. Good luck to everyone, and best wishes for a great year!

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Joyce Xia
  • Freshman
Joyce Xia (m, s, w)

Hi! My name is Joyce and I'm a freshman at the University of Michigan. I come from New York City and am majoring in Neuroscience. My favorite subjects in high school were chemistry, biology, and english, and my hobbies include fencing.

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Margaret Hannah
  • Junior
Margaret Hannah (S,W)

I am a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Sociology, minoring in Writing, and studying a pre-med curriculum. I am involved with biomedical research, volunteering with the Red Cross, and volunteering at the VA Hospital. My favorite foods are tacos, and Sponge Bob shaped macaroni and cheese. I look forward to an exciting school year and tutoring students.

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Anusha Reddy
  • Senior
Anusha Reddy (m, s, w)

I'm a senior at the University of Michigan. I'm majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience (BCN) and I'm interested in going into healthcare management! When I'm not studying, I like to watch television and movies, eat delicious desserts, spend time with friends, draw, and listen to music!

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Elliott Rains
  • Freshman
Elliott Rains (m, w)

My name is Elliott and I'm a freshman in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan! I'm undecided regarding my major, but I'm considering communications studies. I went to Sand Creek High School and I really enjoyed English and writing in high school. I enjoy listening to music, sports, and hanging out with friends!

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Vaida Saucer
  • Senior
Vaida Saucer (m,s,w)

I am a senior Neuroscience major at the University of Michigan! I really enjoy walking around wherever I live and finding new things to do and see (adventures)! I also love to play golf and tennis with my friends. I went to St. Joseph High School, where I took advantage of great academic and extracurricular activities! My life motto is to always "make the effort" in all situations of life.

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