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Who are we?

We are the Wolverine Tutors.

We are an undergraduate ignited organization at the University of Michigan that aims to utilize technology to tutor and mentor middle & high school students.

We strive to motivate our students to pursue post-secondary education and relieve educational disparities through technology and personal mentoring.

We want to…


We want to develop a personal and positive relationship with high school students seeking academic improvement, encouraging them to pursue further education and gain self-confidence in the classroom.


We want to demonstrate the importance of technology in an evolving learning process and use it to make education more accessible to students.


We want to see academic improvements in our students in the subjects of Math, Science, English and Writing. We also want to see higher college matriculation rates.

Meet the Tutors

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Ceren Ege
  • Freshman

Freshman at the University of Michigan studying Spanish and Neuroscience.

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  • Margaret Hannah
  • Junior
Margaret Hannah (S,W)

I am a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Sociology, minoring in Writing, and studying a pre-med curriculum. I am involved with biomedical research, volunteering with the Red Cross, and volunteering at the VA Hospital. My favorite foods are tacos, and Sponge Bob shaped macaroni and cheese. I look forward to an exciting school year and tutoring students.

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  • Jay Park
  • Senior

I am a Jr. in Computer Science in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan - AA. I am also Canadian. Please ignore the random highschool info on my account :/ Can't seem to get rid of it. I can provide help with Calculus up to and including Calc 3, Computer Science (C, C++, Python), and English (2200 Score on the SAT and 12/12 on the essay).

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Nadir Rehman
  • Junior
Nadir Rehman (m,s,w)

Hey hey, I'm Nadir. I'm an aspiring rapper/surgeon/power ranger. I'm good at being happy and trying to be funny (and sometimes am successful). I'm a Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience major, which is a fancy way to say say I'm studying the lovechild of psychology and neuroscience. So, I know lots of psych, chem, and bio stuff, but I do like writing and english (I rap, like actually), so that's a thing you can hit me up on too. Hopefully I can help you, and worst case scenario, if I can't help, I can still try and make you laugh.

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  • Sabrina Kim
  • Freshman

Hi! I was born and grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Both of my parents are South Korean. I am a freshman at University of Michigan, majoring in computer science.

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  • Sarah Colbert
  • Senior
Sarah Colbert (s, w)

Hi there! I'm currently a senior, majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. I'm really interested in developmental, molecular, and microbiology, and when I have room in my schedule, I love taking English lit courses (I love Dorothy Parker, Jane Austen and F. Scott Fitzgerald, just to name a few!) I grew up in Shelby Township and went to Eisenhower High School; I loved my English courses, but also biology, physiology, anatomy, and other science courses! In my spare time, I like to cook dinners for my roommates, play with my adorable puppy Bailey, and watch endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Christine Cieslak (m,s)
  • Freshman
Christine Cieslak (m,s)

Hello! I am a first year studying both Biology and Spanish.

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