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Who are we?

We are the Wolverine Tutors.

We are an undergraduate ignited organization at the University of Michigan that aims to utilize technology to tutor and mentor middle & high school students.

We strive to motivate our students to pursue post-secondary education and relieve educational disparities through technology and personal mentoring.

We want to…


We want to develop a personal and positive relationship with high school students seeking academic improvement, encouraging them to pursue further education and gain self-confidence in the classroom.


We want to demonstrate the importance of technology in an evolving learning process and use it to make education more accessible to students.


We want to see academic improvements in our students in the subjects of Math, Science, English and Writing. We also want to see higher college matriculation rates.

Meet the Tutors

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Ashton Skillman
  • Freshman
Ashton Skillman

Hi! My name is Ashton and I am a Freshman at the University of Michigan. I plan to major in biology, but I also love math. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, hanging out with friends, and eating food. I look forward to helping you all!

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  • Natasha Heart
  • Freshman
Natasha Heart

Hello! I'm a freshman at the University of Michigan and am currently pre-med with an intended major in psychology and a possible minor in philosophy.

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  • Jishnu Desai
  • Freshman
Jishnu Desai (m,s,w)

First year student at University of Michigan from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Interested in studying business and science. I especially enjoy math, chemistry, and essay editing.

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  • Steven Fegan
  • Sophomore
Steven Fegan (m)

I am a Sophomore at the University if Michigan and I am undecided on my major. I went to Port Huron Northern High School and took many math classes and also took some community college math courses. Math was my favorite subject in high school, especially calculus.

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  • Sameer Belgaumi
  • Junior
Sameer Belgaumi (m,s,w)

Hey, For those who do not know me (all of you), I am a Junior at the University of Michigan. I'm currently trying to complete a major in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience which sounds very impressive but is just a fancy name for a type of psych major. I'm also a pre-medical student which means I get to take a whole boat-load of Chemistry courses. Fun. So, I like English Literature. I know it's a nerdy type of interest but it's one of the few classes I'm able to understand right off the back (the other, strangely, is biology). Don't ask me why. I don't know. Though it may have something to do with my passion for reading, which has grown ever since I came to college and no longer had a television. I'm also a pretty decent writer and if medicine doesn't work out I plan on becoming a shepherd. I'll spend my free time writing fiction (while I watch my sheep). My high-school advisor did tell me to have a back up plan. Oh yeah, I grew up in Saudi Arabia. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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  • Jessica Smith
  • Junior
Jessica Smith (m,s,w)

I am a junior at the University of Michigan. I am enrolled in the School of Education and hope one day to be a high school math and science teacher! In high school, I enjoyed Math and loved to read. I love to play sports, specifically soccer and volleyball, and I also love to watch sports too! Some other activities I enjoy are camping, fishing, hiking, and reading. Go Blue!

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  • James Otis
  • Senior
James Otis (m,s,w)

I am junior at Michigan from a town called Okemos in Michigan as well. School wise, I graduated from Okemos high school where my favorite subjects were chemistry and history. Now I am majoring in Earth Environmental Science with a minor in biochemistry and German, and I hope one day to make urban agriculture in Detroit and the rest of America a viable career for those without access to healthy food. Outside of school I enjoy staying active through a variety of sports, especially soccer or basketball, but I also enjoy swimming and playing water polo. If I'm not active I relax on my front porch.

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  • Aminta Valmon-Charles
  • Freshman

Hey, I am a freshmen from University of Michigan; I plan on majoring in biochemistry. I'm from Detroit, and went to University Prep Academy high school. My favorite subjects are Math and Science, but I am also good at English. I love sports especially soccer,softball, and volleyball; and I was in yearbook and love art.

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  • Sanjay Koduvalli
  • Freshman

Hello! I am a freshman at the University of Michigan. I have a wide variety of passions, including music, theatre, and film. I currently intend to pursue a degree in computer science and business. I have passion for math and physics, but I am more than happy to answer any questions I can in any field!

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