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Who are we?

We are the Wolverine Tutors.

We are an undergraduate ignited organization at the University of Michigan that aims to utilize technology to tutor and mentor middle & high school students.

We strive to motivate our students to pursue post-secondary education and relieve educational disparities through technology and personal mentoring.

We want to…


We want to develop a personal and positive relationship with high school students seeking academic improvement, encouraging them to pursue further education and gain self-confidence in the classroom.


We want to demonstrate the importance of technology in an evolving learning process and use it to make education more accessible to students.


We want to see academic improvements in our students in the subjects of Math, Science, English and Writing. We also want to see higher college matriculation rates.

Meet the Tutors

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Christine Cieslak (m,s)
  • Freshman
Christine Cieslak (m,s)

Hello! I am a first year studying both Biology and Spanish.

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  • Tala Dahbour
  • Junior
Tala Dahbour (m,s,w)

I'm a senior hoping to become a Pediatrician and major in Womens Studies!

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  • Anna Kanarr
  • Senior
Anna Kanarr (s,w)

Hi, I'm Anna! I am a senior majoring in Neuroscience with plans to attend medical school. I attended Alpena High School in Northern Michigan. I really enjoyed my high school chemistry, biology, and psychology classes. I like to knit, play tennis, and go scuba diving with my husband.

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  • Saher Siddiqui
  • Senior

Senior at the University of Michigan. Majoring in Microbiology Mott Director

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  • Jishnu Desai
  • Freshman
Jishnu Desai (m,s,w)

First year student at University of Michigan from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Interested in studying business and science. I especially enjoy math, chemistry, and essay editing.

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  • Simon Keep
  • Freshman

Freshman at UMich hopefully studying neuroscience and pre-med.

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  • Shaima Khandaker
  • Sophomore
Shaima Khandaker (m,s,w)

Hi! I'm Shaima and I'm a sophomore at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I'm a pre-medical student studying Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience. In school, I really enjoyed Math, English and Spanish. I love learning new languages and meeting new people!

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  • Kara Martinez
  • Senior
Kara Martinez (m,s,w)

Hello! I'm Kara! I am a senior at the University of Michigan studying mathematics and statistics. I love reading a good book and baking cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Chris Haddlesey
  • Senior
Chris Haddlesey (w)

Hello, my name is Chris. I'm a Senior at uofM studying Music Education and English Education. I am hoping to become a teacher in both subjects. I went to Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, and enjoyed English and Music (obviously) as well as my Auto Shop class. I enjoy biking, and over the summer I got my motorcycle license. I work at the Ann Arbor District Library, and I collect coins (one from every country in the world). I also love to read. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

  • Meet the Tutors
  • Marcus Trautmann
  • Freshman

Hey guys, My name is Marcus and I'm a senior at U of M, majoring in math. I'm happy to help with all math and economics related questions, and will attempt to answer general questions as well. Outside of school, I enjoy watching baseball and hockey, investing in the stock market, and hanging out with friends.

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